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A Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan

Directly after I get done writing this review, I am going to look up other books by this author and buy them.  This was WONDERFUL!  It was a perfect combination of humor in the face of being dumped, of getting even, of dumping that special someone in turn and (an even better revenge) of finding a man who loves you to pieces in spite of all that emotional baggage.  This was a tongue-in-cheek look at love on the rebound, only to have it turn into the love of a lifetime.  Bailey’s friends and roommates made the book, in my opinion.  They were priceless! 5 Stars


The Raising by J. E. Taylor

There comes a point in every really good bad horror film when you find yourself yelling at the TV, ‘Don’t do THAT, are you crazy?!?”  The Raising is that kind of really good bad horror film.  I didn’t think I was going to like it at all, but the author took an unbelievable and campy concept (Gypsy curse?  Please.) and turned it into a Grade-A gem of a horror story.

Dr. Holly Robbins has lost the love of her life, Jacob.  She’s worked in the ER for far too long not to know that gone is gone forever, and everyone knows nothing can bring back the dead.  But even the most clinical doctor has her moment of weakness when desperation and grief tangle with hope and even the most unlikely of possibilities becomes something you’d take time off of work to try.

If you like dark romance and campy horrors, gypsy curses and bringing the dearly depart back from the grave for one last night of love, I dare you not to like this story.  If Pet Cemetery and Practical Magic had a love child, this is what it would read like. 5 Stars

Sensual Erotica: Her Gift by Red Phoenix

This has just become my favorite short in the entire series.  I LOVE this scenario. In the continuation of the love story between Amy and Troy, Her Gift is a real treasure.  Troy is getting ready to leave for his new job in India, just when he and Amy have finally come together at last.  Putting on a brave face, Amy arranges a special night just for Troy, a night of tender firsts, something for them both to remember in the long months of separation ahead.

Did I mention I loved this story?  I know I’ve said this before, but Red Phoenix does sensual and seduction extremely well.  The interaction between Amy and Troy is heart-wrenching and tender, just the way first times ought to be…without that awkward ‘you’re on my hair’ moment. 5 Stars

In 9 Days by Red Phoenix

Very few first-love stories are written as well or as beautifully as this one. There is no HEA, but there is the hope of one and, were I the heroine, it’s one I’d be willing to wait for. A few days from her 18th birthday, Tessa meets Kevin, a badly scarred student newly transferred to her school. Though she risks censorship from her ‘friends’ and peers, Tessa strikes up a conversation and what unfurls between them quickly becomes the friendship of a lifetime. This is a truly wonderful and passionate true-love story between two teenagers coming of age. It is tender and sweet, sensual when and where appropriate (after legal age has obtained) and I would recommend it without reservation to anyone who enjoys a good romance. Red Phoenix has proved him/herself to be a master in his/her field. 5 Stars

Life After Rachel by Maren Smith

This is a very powerful and emotional story, something you don’t often see in the spanking genre and I hope the author does more of them!  Set in western times, the hero is a man who has just lost not only his wife but the love of his life when she gave birth to their son.  The baby is lactose intolerant, and so when the local preacher discovers a smoking wagon train (attacked by indians–who keep come back time and again) with the lone survivor being a now infantless mother, he takes her back to the hero and for the sake of the baby’s survival, they marry.

So here they are, in the middle of a plain’s wilderness nowhere, with hostile indians in the background, both of them grieving.  The heroine is from a different country so she doesn’t speak English, and the hero is so torn up by guilt and grief for having remarried so soon that being nice to Ana is the last thing he can bear to do.  And yet, there is a love story here.  The more the hero tries to keep his reluctant new wife at bay, the more she starts to get under his skin and the more he’s able to see (as the title of the story suggests) that life does go on.  This is a BDSM story about two people who have loved and lost in the most tragic way possible, and learned to love again.  There are spankings in it, considering who the author is, I’ve come to expect them.  And considering the heavy subject mater, sometimes the spankings come across as being more disciplinary than erotic, but I like that kind at times and those parts were a real turn on for me.  The romance itself was incredibly well-written and memorable.  I read this on the Woodshed first and then had to buy the paperback off Lulu, I loved it that much! 5 Stars

The Devil’s Bitch by Rachel Boleyn

This is a very well-written and hot short erotic horror story.  Laini’s sorority house decides to summon a demon on Halloween.  What could possibly go wrong there?  Let’s start with the moment they succeed and go straight on to every subsequent and torturously delicious moment thereafter.  Both hot and disturbing, seductive and yet shudder-inducingly awful at the same time, this story gives a vengeful, sex-minded demon the respect he deserves!  Kudos to the author.  I loved this story! 5 Stars

Kamikaze (Last Call #1) by Moira Rogers

This little novella is a paranormal gem! I am not a fan of werewolves or vampires and usually steer way clear of them.  However, I’m very glad that I took the chance and downloaded this story.  There isn’t much of a plot here, however, the story still held me enthralled from first page to last.  If there were errors in it, I didn’t notice them. If there were huge gaping problems with the flow of the story, the sensual seduction was such that I couldn’t care less. The premise was unique (at least to me) and the story-telling first rate. I actually wish this bar existed, and what I like best about the werewolves is how they have a truly feral feel to them, particularly in the bar-scene chase. Moira Rogers is one of that rare breed of indie author who can write.  5 Stars

The Scholomance by R. Lee Smith

OMG, what to say about this story.  I think I have just been sold as an R. Lee Smith fan for life.

Mara is not your ordinary heroine.  She is antisocial, reserved, hard as nails and a powerful psychic to boot.  Her only real emotional weakness comes in her affection for her best friend since childhood, the only person in Mara’s life who has ever really loved her, Connie.  Then Connie disappears and one day Mara gets a letter.  In its totality, it reads: ‘South of Altenmunster.  West of Lake Teufelsee.  Look for the door on Halloween night ONLY.  I was wrong about this place.  Please come and get me.’

And so, Mara goes to Romania, fully intending to rescue her best friend.  And like the Terminator another reviewer compared her to, Mara pursues this single-minded goal with unstoppable devotion, taking the reader on a ofttimes horrific journey through the Devil’s School, a place where only the worst among men go to learn the kinds of magic that only demons teach.

It took me all weekend to read this book, and I did it in true Smith style–totally engrossed from page one, The Scholomance in one hand and a dictionary in the other.  Mara was a hard heroine to like.  She breaks all the stereotypes, not just of what a heroine should be, but of what a woman should be, too.  I loved this story from beginning all the way to twisted end.  It is a dark, dark fantasy with erotic undertones that come out in the most awful ways.  (Horuseps.  OMG.  Enough said.)  Expect to be fascinated, expect to be aroused, expect to be pushed beyond your comfort zone, and above all, expect the best because this author delivers nothing less. 5 Stars

At Your Mercy: Tales of Domination by Various

This is a collection of 10 short stories of bdsm and domination erotica. I only actually liked about half the stories–the ones in which the female submitted–because that’s just who I am. However, even the stories that I didn’t like were extremely well told. In the world of dominance and submission, there are two kinds of implements: you’ve got your dowels from the local hardware store and you’ve got your rattan cane, long and whippy, with a handle carefully wrapped and centuries of satisfaction guaranteed standing behind each and every one ever created since the dawn of time. The dowel will get the job done, but there is no substitute for the cane, and this book is that fine length of rattan. The stories are grade A quality, all told in voices so similar that I’d have sworn it was a single author. The scenes are descriptive and imaginative. The seduction in each one breathtaking, and the sensual aspects sizzling hot. I was particularly fond of Deeper Access by Valerie Grey and Thawing Ms Frost by Kat Black (although I do wish Thawing had gone on longer, it ended right at the best part, imho). I’d cheerfully recommend this book to anyone with a fascination for all things dominant or submissive, and it doesn’t matter which end of the cane you’re one. There will be at least one story in this collection for you. 5 Stars

Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land by Liz Adams

Having read the original Alice in Wonderland, as well as the sequel (and the movies), and having loved them all, I couldn’t help but pick up this little gem. Liz Adams is a first class writer, with a heck of an imagination and a libido to match.

Alice has never experienced an orgasm, and never has she felt that loss more keenly than when trying to express her interest in childhood heart-throb, her family’s gardener, Jack. When she falls down the rabbit hole and enters into this strange new Wonderland, this singular shortcoming becomes her driving challenge to overcome. From one lover to the next, one highly-charged erotic situation to the next, we get to follow Alice in pursuit of the big O. You don’t have to be a fan of the original story to keep up with and fall in love with this author’s rendition. This is not your grandmother’s Harlequin. You won’t find your standard-issue, color-by-numbers romance anywhere in these pages, but I loved this book anyway and I thought the ending particularly wonderful. This story is both fun and funny, strangely modern and yet with a Victorian-era feel to the description, and sexy as hell to read. I can definitely recommend it to anyone in search of GOOD erotica. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed in this book! 5 Stars