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A Little Harmless Surprise by Melissa Schroeder

This is my second Melissa Schroeder short story and, I have to say, I liked this one much better than the first from her that I tried.  Evan loves May and for one night only he decides to give her something she’s always wanted: a fun little ménage with fellow Dom, Rome.  What follows is sensual hot romantic eroticism at its well-written best.  Ms Schroeder’s writing skills really shone through.  I swear, my Kindle caught fire!  I still, however, have a problem with the ratio of story to advertisements.  The story only makes up 37% of the book.  In my opinion, that is inappropriate. 4 Stars


Across My Knee: The Delights of Spanking by Various Authors

This is a compendium of 10 spanking stories by different authors.  There were several stories in here that I liked, some that were really good, and a couple I wasn’t so fond of, though it might just have been my particular fetish tastes.  The first story wound up being my least favorite, and I am truly glad that I continued reading because I found others that were so much more my cuppa.  The book has been thoroughly edited.   It’s very well written, even the stories I wasn’t so fond of I would recommend.  If you are a fan of good spanking erotica, then I would definitely consider this a Must Have for any collection. 4 Stars

A Husband for Margaret by Ruth Ann Nordin

This is the story of Margaret Williams, a young woman so practical and out-spoken that, finding the local manly pickings a bit slim in Omaha, Nebraska, she advertises for a husband elsewhere.  Unlike another reviewer, I didn’t have a probably with this aspect of the story.  Although much, much rarer than advertisements for wives, I know women also utilized this avenue when they couldn’t find local mates.  It also added (for me, anyway) a bit of a twist to the usual ‘man places add for wife’ plot used by other historical romances.

What Margaret didn’t count on was for the man she’d been ‘courting’ to die in a tragic horse accident, nor for his brother to show up in her fiancé’s place.  Nothing says ‘I love you, let’s get hitched, please, dear God’ quite like showing up with four small children for your first face-to-face meeting.  But he does and Margaret takes the plunge, and the end result is a story that is charming and sweet, and extremely mild where explicit sexual content is concerned.  It’s definitely more romantic than erotic, which was a nice change of pace for me.  4 Stars

A Bestiary of Unnatural Women by Ashley Zacharias

In the forward, the author asks, “What species are these kinky women who willingly submit to bondage, humiliation, and pain?”  Without hesitation or equivocation I answer, the human woman.  It’s a cliche for a reason; we come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  We come from all financial backgrounds, educations and walks of life.  We love all kinds of men–from the sensitive 90s guy-wannabes to the bad boys that curl our toes–and yet we are as complex a creature as any organism imaginable.

In this anthology you will find everything from ‘damaged goods’ to the fetishly-inclined and the downright ‘insane’.  And yet as I read my way from one incredulous tale to the next, I found myself…not attracted, per se.  I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to what some of these women endure, but I can see the appeal through their eyes and I can admire their strength of conviction.  This is not your ordinary book of erotic shorts.  The stories, although sexually charged and sex-oriented, didn’t strike me as being erotic at all.  But I did find them beautiful in their own strange and very dark ways, even the two stories that absolutely repelled me.  It takes a very talented author to do that.  There are a few minor editing issues, including one really bad formatting one (many, many, many paragraphs are not indented), however the quality of the content more than make up for this in my opinion.  4 Stars, each and every one of which has been very well-earned.

Alien Salvation by Tracy St. John

This is the first Tracy St. John book that I have read and I’d like to start off by saying I almost didn’t make it through the first chapter.  The formatting problems are awful and consistent throughout.  Please, please go back and fix it because this was a wonderful story.  The author’s writing is imaginative and fun, funny in some places, smoking hot in others, and more than worth the asking price.

The basic premise is this: Lindsey McInness and her parents are fighting back starvation on a post-Apocalyptic world–but only just barely.  When a clan of Kalquorians crash within three blocks of the building in which they’ve taken refuge, Lindsey makes the difficult decision to go to them.  The reputations of Kalquorians being what they are, her plan is to trade sex for food.  How fortunate for her that, while this particular clan is not above taking her up on that offer, they are also everything she never knew she should hope men–human or Kalquorian–could be.

As much as I enjoyed this story, I did have some problems with it.  Primarily, Lindsey’s penchant for waffling in and out of character.  She is portrayed from the start as a strong, intelligent, 30-something woman who also stamps her foot and pouts like a child for unbelievably stupid reasons.  Just because it’s traditional for heroines in romances to act this way doesn’t mean that they should, or that Lindsey should.  You have proved yourself to be a better author than this.  Please don’t make this mistake again.

I also really liked the Kalquorian clan: Bacoj, Vax, and Japohn.  I loved their easy camaraderie with one another, their individual personalities, their Alpha maleness even when it becomes strangely/heart-warmingly over-domineering at times.  Some light BDSM scenes worked well with the overall story, but sometimes the sex was a little much.  I found myself skimming through it just so I could get back to the meat of the story.  Erotica with too much sex?  Go figure.  Still, I feel the book was well-worth reading and suits the price I paid for it. 4 Stars

Bent Over In An Alleyway By A Stranger by Debbie Brownstone

I was ready to blast this short story in the review from the 5th Kindle page in (and if you decide to give it a chance, you’ll know why when you reach that point).  I am so glad I finished the book, because it redeemed itself and the author in the end.  I can’t say why without revealing a big spoiler, so while I know this has to be the most ambiguous review I’ve ever left anyone, I’m afraid it can’t be helped.

Lindy is a collage girl in desperate need of a break from her studies.  So although it’s very late at night, she decides to go to the local liquor store for an ice cream.  What ensues is an erotic anal encounter with an unknown man that will leave you both incredulous, indignant and aroused, and horribly ashamed of yourself for being so emotionally conflicted by *this* kind of story.  Then, of course, you reach the end and realize it’s not *that* kind of story after all.  You don’t have to be uncomfortable.  It’s okay that the sex was hot.  Now you can go back, read it from the beginning and this time enjoy it.  Which is pretty much exactly what I did.  I found this story to be well worth the money and would cheerfully recommend it, despite its awful porn-movie title, to anyone tantalized by the idea of sex with a stranger. 4 Stars

A Curve of Claw by R. E. Butler

When I first downloaded the story, I thought, ‘Hmm, this looks interesting.’   Then I started reading and my thoughts changed to, ‘oh man, this is going to suck.’  And yet I kept reading, because the first great success about this story is the author’s ability to suck you in to her world.

My biggest difficulty with the story took place in the first chapter.  I found the heroine very hard to like…at first.  There were also some errors in Ms. Butler’s logic that I found distracting.  For instance, in one paragraph the grandmother (supposedly the oldest witch in the coven) looks to be of an age with the heroine, Elizabeth, 18 years old.  But then the author clearly states that witches age 1 year for every 12, so if Butler adhered to her own story’s rules, Granny would be (at least) a milf in her mid to upper twenties/early thirties.  Little mistakes like this really tend to throw me.  Worse than this, was all the exposition.  It almost read like a sequel, there was so much backdrop that needed to be explained for the story to get off the ground, so to speak.  And yet, despite these annoyances, I found the story impossible to put down.  I became very quickly fascinated by the world the author created.  I even found myself growing fond of Elizabeth, who I at first thought to be whiny, selfish and too stuck-up to relate to.  And yet, the further the story progressed, the faster she began to grow on me.  In my opinion, Ash and Axe make the book.  They are wonderful, sexy, dominant, seductive, jealous (without going over the top) and protective heroes that I could spend all day reading about.  I REALLY liked Mel, and if the author makes a return to this world (beyond A Flash of Fang) then I sincerely hopes she gives Mel a story of his own.  For some reason, he hit all my buttons right from the first page.

In short, R. E. Butler is a talented writer.  I am very glad that I continued to turn the pages, despite the rocky beginning.  Otherwise, I would have missed out on an otherwise wonderful story. 4 Stars

The First Ring: Sally’s Introduction to Anal Sex by Sally Whitley

This is a very short story, but well worth reading.  It is told through the voice of a young woman who becomes a call girl as a way to finish paying for college.  If you’re looking for something quick to read, where you can shut off your mind and just enjoy something steamy (and you don’t mind the idea of a man making thorough and repeated use of all three female orifices) than you’re going to like this book.  The narration is fresh and matter of fact regarding Sally’s choice of profession (both the good, the bad and, in my opinion, the ugly) but in a way that really appealed to me.  The sex was dynamic, descriptive and arousing.  I read this right before bed.  My husband would dearly love it if Ms Whitley would publish a few more stories. 4 Stars

Substituting My Intern by S. Blakely

The premise of this very short story is simple: guy has the hots for his intern, but she is the boss’s daughter and (if he wants to keep both job and dick) it’s strictly hands-off.  So, as his job performance begins to wane, his obsession for the girl builds and his sexual frustrations sky-rocket, he breaks down and goes to a specialized ‘club’ where he re-enacts everything he so badly wants to do with the sexy little intern slowly driving him crazy at work.  The story has some BDSM and hot, sexy action with a very willing young lady who looks remarkably similar to the intern he’d much rather have locked in his embrace.  The only bad thing I have to say about the story is that the author seems unfamiliar with how and when to use punctuation.  It is not enough to detract from the overall success of his/her story-telling abilities and I would not be at all shy about trying another book by S. Blakely.  4 Stars

A Study in Shame by Lucy Salisbury

First off, I really liked this story. The author knows how to write. She has a fabulous albeit very British-seeming style, very descriptive with characters that pop off the page with their own distinctive personalities. The main character, Lucy, is a woman in two-handed touch with her own wants, needs and desires. If you take a chance on this book (and I do suggest it), then settle yourself in for a truly delightful romp through both her real and imaginary sexual encounters as she struggles to find a creative outlet for her ‘shameful’ sexual needs. In so many ways, this book went way over the top and could so easily have painted the main character out to be crazy (particularly in regards to her demonic teddy bear–omg, what she does with that bear has got to be a crime somewhere!), and yet it didn’t. There is some bdsm in here, some consensual erotic spanking, and definitely the main character’s attitude that she should be sexually and sensually punished for her ‘bad’ behavior might not sit well with everyone, but it worked for me. As so many authors have before her, Ms Salisbury could so easily have written the heroine up as a slut, something to be used, abused and degraded–especially considering the context of the story. But she didn’t. She walked that fine line expertly, and Lucy ends the book the way she starts it: as a beautiful, sexual, competent woman. I loved that. 4 Stars