Claiming Poseidon’s Heart by Renee Field

OMG, I wanted so much to like this story.  I tried to get into it.  I liked the concept, but then I have always had a special fondness for the old Greek myths, and in particular anything having to do with Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (not necessarily in that order).  So when I saw this book, I thought there was no way I would not like this story.  I was sold from the blurb and sample on.  Unfortunately for me, I really hadn’t banked on the heroine ruining the entire story…but that’s exactly what happened here.

When Poseidon stumbles across an old friend (cursed to live out his life as a whale) being chased by whalers, he becomes enraged.  Channeling his wrath into a storm, he sends that whaler and all aboard into the killing depths where they belong.  For one environmental activist trying to intervene, that wrath is impossible to escape and Soki falls victim to the storm as well.  Realizing his mistake, Poseidon attempts to save her.  What he doesn’t count on, is how much he finds he desires modern-day woman.  Being a Greek God and unaccustomed to denying his desires for any length of time, Poseidon isn’t exactly happy when he finds wooing the reluctant Soki to be a challenge worthy of the Gods.

And I wasn’t exactly happy, either.  Soki is an unpleasant mixture of unemotional scientist, bitch and juvenile, all rolled into one.  She ruined just about every scene she came in contact with, and being as she was the heroine, that was a lot scenes!  Renee Fields is a marvelous story teller and a talented author.  She knows how to write and the rest of book was wonderful.  I just plain could not stomach Soki. 2 Stars


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  1. Haha, I was going to write the same thing. I guess 50 shades of grey opened the eyes of 14 year old girls everywhere.

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