Dumpsterotica: How Dirty Are You? (An Erotic Comedy) by Allie Beck

I was not so fond of this story, but I have a feeling that this is more my problem than because of anything the author’s done. Technically, this story is very well written. The author knows how to tell a story, knows how to punctuate, and has put obvious effort into making this as polished and professional as anything you’d pick up off a book store shelf. My problem with it revolves around the characters: I just didn’t like them and I don’t see how this book can be billed as a comedy when it wasn’t funny.

This is the story of two people who have little respect for one another and can’t communicate. Marcia is a wife with a very unhealthy (in more ways than one) obsession with her electric toothbrush. She hasn’t achieved an orgasm with her husband in the four years they’ve been together. So, instead of seeing a therapist to figure out why, she cuts him off from sex almost entirely (once a month, if he’s lucky) and masturbates every day. I find her attitude to be so selfish, it’s appalling. Joe, on the other hand, isn’t much better. Frustrated and desperate, he begins arranging ‘date nights’ for the express purpose of getting his wife plastered on enough champagne to finally get her into bed. Why anyone would want to stay married to someone who withholds their physical affection, is beyond my understanding. I’d have advised Marcia to see a professional about her hangups and Joe to see a divorce lawyer. He deserves better than a woman who thinks nothing of holding her husband sexually hostage while she gets her rocks off on a daily basis.  Where in any of this is there supposed to be humor?  It’s possible it was while they were in a restaurant dumpster, having sex while wallowing around in the cast off food, getting it on their faces and in their mouths, but I was so disgusted at that point maybe I just didn’t notice.  I won’t be reading the second in the series.  3 Stars


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