Dragon Actually by G. A. Aiken

This book was originally titled ‘To Challenge A Dragon’ and G. A. Aiken is an alias of Shelley Laurenston.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about her other works, so I was really looking forward to reading this story. I love a good fantasy romance and if it’s got dragons it, so much more the better. But the writing in this was so bad, I couldn’t enjoy any of it. The author has a love for fragmented sentences that takes what could have been a wonderful story and drop kicks it right down to good story, annoyingly told. The dragon waffles so badly in and out of character that he can’t be taken seriously. The heroine, for being such a strong warrior, acts more like a spoiled teenager, perpetually on the very of either stupidity or a tantrum (this gets very tiresome, very fast). I honestly thought for a while that maybe the author intended this to be a young adult fantasy, right up until the dragon started fantasizing about bending Annwyl over and fucking her (author’s wording). There are spots here and there that are funny in ways that left me thinking maybe the writing was simple for a reason and I just don’t get the humor. But I kinda of feel robbed for paying $5 for a story that is, at best, worth half that. 2 Stars


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