Daddy’s Tails Trilogy 1 by Tasia Winters

There are massive differences between writers and storytellers.  Ms Winters is a fabulous storyteller.  The power exchange in this trilogy are phenomenally good.  Master Victor is spellbinding and believable.  The tension in these pages upgrades the bdsm eroticism from merely hot to bonfire proportions.  It’s almost hypnotic, it keeps you wanting to turn the page.  Much as Tasia was taken out of her comfort zone, as the reader, at times I found myself being pulled out of mine as well.  But that’s all right.  That’s part of what makes a good fantasy.  My problem with the book stems from the author’s inability to cross over from being a wonderful storyteller, into being a writer.  This book has the potential of being not just good, but great.  Unfortunately, before that can happen it has to be edited.  The author has NO grasp on even basic punctuation and how it should be used.  Wrong, incorrect and missing words abound.  Had a good editor seen this before I did, this review would have been 5 stars.  This is a very rough draft version of a book that should not yet be published.  Also, this is not a Trilogy as advertised.  The third story is simply a repeat of the later half of the second story.  Sadly, I doubt the rest of her works are any better, so I won’t be continuing the series. 2 Stars


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  1. Avid X, I’m not sure this is appropriate, if you take offense please delete this reply and I sincerely apologize. I wanted to send you an email, but couldn’t find an address. I’m a new author and have published a trilogy on Amazon and after reading your reviews, I’d love to get a review from you (whether good or bad). If you’re interested, I’d be happy to send you a digital copy in exchange for the review (again, not looking for a perfect review, just an honest one). If you’re interested, please email me.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. ~Laina

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