Life After Rachel by Maren Smith

This is a very powerful and emotional story, something you don’t often see in the spanking genre and I hope the author does more of them!  Set in western times, the hero is a man who has just lost not only his wife but the love of his life when she gave birth to their son.  The baby is lactose intolerant, and so when the local preacher discovers a smoking wagon train (attacked by indians–who keep come back time and again) with the lone survivor being a now infantless mother, he takes her back to the hero and for the sake of the baby’s survival, they marry.

So here they are, in the middle of a plain’s wilderness nowhere, with hostile indians in the background, both of them grieving.  The heroine is from a different country so she doesn’t speak English, and the hero is so torn up by guilt and grief for having remarried so soon that being nice to Ana is the last thing he can bear to do.  And yet, there is a love story here.  The more the hero tries to keep his reluctant new wife at bay, the more she starts to get under his skin and the more he’s able to see (as the title of the story suggests) that life does go on.  This is a BDSM story about two people who have loved and lost in the most tragic way possible, and learned to love again.  There are spankings in it, considering who the author is, I’ve come to expect them.  And considering the heavy subject mater, sometimes the spankings come across as being more disciplinary than erotic, but I like that kind at times and those parts were a real turn on for me.  The romance itself was incredibly well-written and memorable.  I read this on the Woodshed first and then had to buy the paperback off Lulu, I loved it that much! 5 Stars


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