Every Hole For Him (Daddy’s Tails) by Tasia Winters

First of all, I like the sentiment of the story. I like a little BDSM and the power exchange going on between Master Victor and Tasia are incredible. This author has a very good, descriptive flow and an hypnotic style of writing that keeps you wanting to turn the page, but there are so many editing problems with this story that it detracts from the overall enjoyment. The author has no grasp of how and where to use punctuation. There are missing and incorrect words that shake you from the story. The formatting throughout is awful. These are things a good editor would have caught if, in fact, the book had been edited. I don’t see how it could have been with so many errors on almost every single page. This isn’t a case of me being picky over one or two mistakes sparsely sprinkled throughout the story. The errors are EVERYWHERE. You could be the best writer in the world, and I still couldn’t give this more than 2 stars. The only reason it didn’t earn one star, was because the story was so very compelling. Dear author, please get your story edited. This is a diamond, but it is definitely in the rough.


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