A Bestiary of Unnatural Women by Ashley Zacharias

In the forward, the author asks, “What species are these kinky women who willingly submit to bondage, humiliation, and pain?”  Without hesitation or equivocation I answer, the human woman.  It’s a cliche for a reason; we come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  We come from all financial backgrounds, educations and walks of life.  We love all kinds of men–from the sensitive 90s guy-wannabes to the bad boys that curl our toes–and yet we are as complex a creature as any organism imaginable.

In this anthology you will find everything from ‘damaged goods’ to the fetishly-inclined and the downright ‘insane’.  And yet as I read my way from one incredulous tale to the next, I found myself…not attracted, per se.  I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to what some of these women endure, but I can see the appeal through their eyes and I can admire their strength of conviction.  This is not your ordinary book of erotic shorts.  The stories, although sexually charged and sex-oriented, didn’t strike me as being erotic at all.  But I did find them beautiful in their own strange and very dark ways, even the two stories that absolutely repelled me.  It takes a very talented author to do that.  There are a few minor editing issues, including one really bad formatting one (many, many, many paragraphs are not indented), however the quality of the content more than make up for this in my opinion.  4 Stars, each and every one of which has been very well-earned.


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