Alien Salvation by Tracy St. John

This is the first Tracy St. John book that I have read and I’d like to start off by saying I almost didn’t make it through the first chapter.  The formatting problems are awful and consistent throughout.  Please, please go back and fix it because this was a wonderful story.  The author’s writing is imaginative and fun, funny in some places, smoking hot in others, and more than worth the asking price.

The basic premise is this: Lindsey McInness and her parents are fighting back starvation on a post-Apocalyptic world–but only just barely.  When a clan of Kalquorians crash within three blocks of the building in which they’ve taken refuge, Lindsey makes the difficult decision to go to them.  The reputations of Kalquorians being what they are, her plan is to trade sex for food.  How fortunate for her that, while this particular clan is not above taking her up on that offer, they are also everything she never knew she should hope men–human or Kalquorian–could be.

As much as I enjoyed this story, I did have some problems with it.  Primarily, Lindsey’s penchant for waffling in and out of character.  She is portrayed from the start as a strong, intelligent, 30-something woman who also stamps her foot and pouts like a child for unbelievably stupid reasons.  Just because it’s traditional for heroines in romances to act this way doesn’t mean that they should, or that Lindsey should.  You have proved yourself to be a better author than this.  Please don’t make this mistake again.

I also really liked the Kalquorian clan: Bacoj, Vax, and Japohn.  I loved their easy camaraderie with one another, their individual personalities, their Alpha maleness even when it becomes strangely/heart-warmingly over-domineering at times.  Some light BDSM scenes worked well with the overall story, but sometimes the sex was a little much.  I found myself skimming through it just so I could get back to the meat of the story.  Erotica with too much sex?  Go figure.  Still, I feel the book was well-worth reading and suits the price I paid for it. 4 Stars


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