Bent Over In An Alleyway By A Stranger by Debbie Brownstone

I was ready to blast this short story in the review from the 5th Kindle page in (and if you decide to give it a chance, you’ll know why when you reach that point).  I am so glad I finished the book, because it redeemed itself and the author in the end.  I can’t say why without revealing a big spoiler, so while I know this has to be the most ambiguous review I’ve ever left anyone, I’m afraid it can’t be helped.

Lindy is a collage girl in desperate need of a break from her studies.  So although it’s very late at night, she decides to go to the local liquor store for an ice cream.  What ensues is an erotic anal encounter with an unknown man that will leave you both incredulous, indignant and aroused, and horribly ashamed of yourself for being so emotionally conflicted by *this* kind of story.  Then, of course, you reach the end and realize it’s not *that* kind of story after all.  You don’t have to be uncomfortable.  It’s okay that the sex was hot.  Now you can go back, read it from the beginning and this time enjoy it.  Which is pretty much exactly what I did.  I found this story to be well worth the money and would cheerfully recommend it, despite its awful porn-movie title, to anyone tantalized by the idea of sex with a stranger. 4 Stars


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