A Curve of Claw by R. E. Butler

When I first downloaded the story, I thought, ‘Hmm, this looks interesting.’   Then I started reading and my thoughts changed to, ‘oh man, this is going to suck.’  And yet I kept reading, because the first great success about this story is the author’s ability to suck you in to her world.

My biggest difficulty with the story took place in the first chapter.  I found the heroine very hard to like…at first.  There were also some errors in Ms. Butler’s logic that I found distracting.  For instance, in one paragraph the grandmother (supposedly the oldest witch in the coven) looks to be of an age with the heroine, Elizabeth, 18 years old.  But then the author clearly states that witches age 1 year for every 12, so if Butler adhered to her own story’s rules, Granny would be (at least) a milf in her mid to upper twenties/early thirties.  Little mistakes like this really tend to throw me.  Worse than this, was all the exposition.  It almost read like a sequel, there was so much backdrop that needed to be explained for the story to get off the ground, so to speak.  And yet, despite these annoyances, I found the story impossible to put down.  I became very quickly fascinated by the world the author created.  I even found myself growing fond of Elizabeth, who I at first thought to be whiny, selfish and too stuck-up to relate to.  And yet, the further the story progressed, the faster she began to grow on me.  In my opinion, Ash and Axe make the book.  They are wonderful, sexy, dominant, seductive, jealous (without going over the top) and protective heroes that I could spend all day reading about.  I REALLY liked Mel, and if the author makes a return to this world (beyond A Flash of Fang) then I sincerely hopes she gives Mel a story of his own.  For some reason, he hit all my buttons right from the first page.

In short, R. E. Butler is a talented writer.  I am very glad that I continued to turn the pages, despite the rocky beginning.  Otherwise, I would have missed out on an otherwise wonderful story. 4 Stars


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