Rough Sex Stories: 20 Explicit Stories of Rough Sex by Jill Andrews

I truly do wish I could say I liked these stories, but I can’t. I am trying very hard to be fair, but as I was reading all I could think was that ‘Jill Andrews’ might actually be a man. Ultimately, this makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in how well someone writes, except that the stories that turn some men on can be very different from what turns women on, and rarely do the two merge to titillate both genders within the same erotic work.

These stories had a James Bond/Letters to Hustler or Penthouse feel to them. If you enjoy that kind of thing, then you might really enjoy this book. I was not at all aroused by these stories. To me, they were extremely unpleasant. It wasn’t just the crudity, or the over-the-top rapist-type aggression, or the near-comic thesaurusal descriptions of the intimate aspects of both the men and women parts. It wasn’t that it was very poorly edited (use of incorrect words is frequent and author doesn’t seem to understand how punctuation, speech and paragraph formation should all work together, which is very distracting). It wasn’t even the roughness of the ‘money shots,’ I guess you’d call them. This is, after all, a book about rough sex. By golly, there ought to be some roughness in here somewhere. My problem with the stories were the level of hatred that the men had towards the women and, frankly, vise versa. In at least half these stories, the women gave back as good as they got, but this goes beyond hair-pulling, light slapping, spanking and/or BDSM rough-housing. Within these pages you will find anal to oral transfers, Bukkake, and no affection whatsoever passing between the partners involved.  I gave this 3 stars because, while the content was awful, the actual writing itself didn’t deserve worse than that.


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