Taken by Selena Kitt

I like Selena Kitt, but this was not one of my favorites.  Not for anything the author did, however, this was entirely my own fault.  I knew there was going to be some girl on girl action and that’s not my thing.  However, as with all of this author’s books, it was extremely well done.  Ms Kitt is a very talented writer, who knows her draft and who does erotica extremely well.

The basic premise is this: 19-year-old Lizzie is attracted to her dominant boss, Sarah.  The two become lovers, first with each other and then in a three-way with male co-worker and the object of Sarah’s reluctant attraction, David.  There is no HEA in this story.  I admit, I didn’t like that.  I also thought Lizzie a bit too bratty for where she was employeed.  Yes, she’s 19, but kids who act like she does on the job work in Burger Kings, not business offices.  That said, I loved David’s dogged determination to woo Sarah, despite her reluctance and repetitive attempts to ditch him.  The sex, as I said (in particular, the three-way), was some of the hottest I’ve ever read from anyone.  So much so that my husband also likes this book–he just doesn’t know it.  I seriously recommend Ms Kitt market her work with warning labels.  CAUTION: Do not read in public.  Pulse-pounding erotica at level 10.  You WILL have some sort of embarrassing reaction if you get interrupted at just the right spot. 4 Stars


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