A Study in Shame by Lucy Salisbury

First off, I really liked this story. The author knows how to write. She has a fabulous albeit very British-seeming style, very descriptive with characters that pop off the page with their own distinctive personalities. The main character, Lucy, is a woman in two-handed touch with her own wants, needs and desires. If you take a chance on this book (and I do suggest it), then settle yourself in for a truly delightful romp through both her real and imaginary sexual encounters as she struggles to find a creative outlet for her ‘shameful’ sexual needs. In so many ways, this book went way over the top and could so easily have painted the main character out to be crazy (particularly in regards to her demonic teddy bear–omg, what she does with that bear has got to be a crime somewhere!), and yet it didn’t. There is some bdsm in here, some consensual erotic spanking, and definitely the main character’s attitude that she should be sexually and sensually punished for her ‘bad’ behavior might not sit well with everyone, but it worked for me. As so many authors have before her, Ms Salisbury could so easily have written the heroine up as a slut, something to be used, abused and degraded–especially considering the context of the story. But she didn’t. She walked that fine line expertly, and Lucy ends the book the way she starts it: as a beautiful, sexual, competent woman. I loved that. 4 Stars


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