Her Very Special Robot by Ann Jacobs

This story reads like a really bad Dear Penthouse letter, written for guys whose only claim to literacy is, in fact, Penthouse magazine.  Great articles, or so I’ve heard.

Allie Webster wants to be bedded by a robot.  So with the help of a good friend (who she also wants to bed, and who also wants to bed her, but for whatever reason neither act on that mutual impulse) Allie ends up a resort where her friend does his best to make her dream come true…with one small deviation, he is going to be the robot in question.  Now, the full sum and total of his disguise is a full-body shave job, some silver paint and a few studs and piercings.  His being a robot is continually reinforced for the reader through painful back and forth banter.  Examples from the book include: “How would you like to f*ck a robot?”, “Maybe a robot like you is the way to go.” “Okay, robot, do your thing.”

This was awful.  The author might have been able to pull off this B-movie conception if she (he?) could actually write, but while the technical skill (i.e. punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc…) was well-done, the actual story-telling needed work.  A lot of work.  This was painful to read.  The dialogue is stilted.  The characters are flat.  There is no hint of eroticism to be found anywhere in these pages and the writing is very crude.  If I could have given this half a star (or better, no star at all), I’d have done it. 1 Star


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