At Your Mercy: Tales of Domination by Various

This is a collection of 10 short stories of bdsm and domination erotica. I only actually liked about half the stories–the ones in which the female submitted–because that’s just who I am. However, even the stories that I didn’t like were extremely well told. In the world of dominance and submission, there are two kinds of implements: you’ve got your dowels from the local hardware store and you’ve got your rattan cane, long and whippy, with a handle carefully wrapped and centuries of satisfaction guaranteed standing behind each and every one ever created since the dawn of time. The dowel will get the job done, but there is no substitute for the cane, and this book is that fine length of rattan. The stories are grade A quality, all told in voices so similar that I’d have sworn it was a single author. The scenes are descriptive and imaginative. The seduction in each one breathtaking, and the sensual aspects sizzling hot. I was particularly fond of Deeper Access by Valerie Grey and Thawing Ms Frost by Kat Black (although I do wish Thawing had gone on longer, it ended right at the best part, imho). I’d cheerfully recommend this book to anyone with a fascination for all things dominant or submissive, and it doesn’t matter which end of the cane you’re one. There will be at least one story in this collection for you. 5 Stars


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