Seduced by a Satyr by Ella Vines

Technically the writing for both of these was off(some typos, some formatting, some wrong words), but not even an editor could have saved this book.  The actual storytelling was very poorly done.  The characters are flat and two-dimensional, the reactions completely unrealistic and the sex unarousing.  The author clearly knows that romances follow a formula and tried to do that with the Satyr story, but I don’t care how good the orgasm is, no girl professes her undying love to someone she’s only just met.  Or if she does, chances are extremely good that she might be psychotic!  The premise for the Phantom story was a little better, but still the writing was poorly executed and the girl’s reactions to what was happening to her all over the silly map.  The author seems to have a good imagination, but no idea how to bring that imagination out of rough-draft mode and turn it into a finished product worth publishing.  I was very disappointed with both these stories. 1 Star


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