Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies by Lynn Messina

It’s a rare thing when you find a book that is so witty, so charming and so incredibly funny that you dare not drink and read at the same time, for fear of spewing all over your brand new kindle. The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies is one such book. Half is written like a self-help brochure, designed to guide romantically-minded but clueless women toward making a factually informed decision on navigating the perils of dating the zombified. As everyone knows, it’s far better to be in a committed relationship than to be caught single, even in an world where 99.9999% of all human men are the walking undead. The other half follows the story of Hattie, a wanna-be journalist who is striving to negotiate the day-to-day pitfalls of juggling a career, friendships, and (of course) relationships with men–both zombified and not.

I LOVED this book. The writing is stellar, the story incredibly witty and fall off your chair funny, and the romance unexpectedly heartwarming and sweet. The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies is a Grade-A keeper, and proof that the best romances can often be found in the most unlikely of books.


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