Bad to the Bone by Vivi Anna

If the author could have given her characters reasonable reactions, I would have reviewed this better.  The writing felt rushed, the sex very flat and mechanical, there is no emotional involvement between the reader and the characters.  At all.  Period.

Olivia is an EMT who, on the way to the hospital with a badly injured woman, winds up hitting something in the ambulance she’s riding in.  The ambulance crashes through a guard rail, goes over the embankment, terrible accident ensues, and when she wakes up, she’s chained to a bed in a basement guarded by a werewolf.  At this point, the author can’t decide whether Olivia should be angry and fight, scared and wheedle for her freedom, and/or desperate and attempt to seduce her way out.  So what follows is this schizophrenic jump from one slightly off emotion to the next that left me thinking, if this was a real woman and she wanted to get out of this situation alive, there’s no way she’d be acting like this.  You don’t go out of your way to antagonize the guy who has you chained in his basement.  Not if you want to get out alive.  And after being this angry and volatile, she falls into bed with her captor with dizzying and unbelievable enthusiasm.  There is very little time spent on the sex and it’s poorly written.  Not even the ending is any good.  There is no resolution to the story.  One minute the werewolf is telling her she’s his mate, and the next he’s made leader of the pack and throwing her out ‘for her own good’.  Huh?  This is the end of the story?  There’s an excerpt at the end for another story, but it’s not for a part two continuation of this debacle, which might redeem it slightly for being an unfinished story in progress.  It’s for a completely different set of characters.

So in short, you have a good beginning (and the beginning actually was pretty good), a hurried and unbelievable middle, and a virtually non-existent and unsatisfying ending.  This is erotica without eroticism.  2 Stars


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