Monstrous Love: Six Tales of Pleasure and Peril by Jen Ashton

I love horror.  I’ve seen all the movies these stories were based on many, many, many times.  I found the sex entwined with the horrific aspect of each story gave them all something of a ‘snuff’ feel that came across as really unpleasant, but maybe that’s just me.  If I had to pick a favorite (i.e. one that repelled me somewhat less than the others), it would have to be the second story, The Big Bad Wolf.  That one actually read more like erotica and there’s a slim chance that she might actually have survived the encounter, though it ends just before we know for sure.  If you don’t mind reading stories where one of the sexual partners is gruesomely killed–where, in fact, the erotic titillation is geared toward the murdering aspect rather than the sexual intercourse–well then, this may be the book for you.  For myself, I am a book collector.  I hoard books, even the ones I don’t like.  But I think I’ve just found the one book I’m going to delete off my kindle, it made me that uncomfortable.

I suppose I should also say, the writing itself was fairly well done.  It could use another edit and there are formatting problems, but most of my issues with awarding this 2 stars come from the content alone.


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