Help Wanted: Fantasy Heights Book 1 by Meg Silver

Help Wanted is the short story that launches this author’s Fantasy Heights series, and as such I thought it was very well done.  Amanda is a jilted bride, newly unemployed and looking to escape the sudden mess and humiliation that her life has become.  When she happens upon a postcard advertising for help at a fantasy sex club, she jumps at the chance to ‘become someone else’ for a while.  And what unfolds in this sizzling hot short is her trial period with the people (both guests and co-workers) at Fantasy Heights.

This was extremely well written, with only a very few typos (I think I saw two, but then got so sucked up into the story that either there weren’t any more or I just didn’t see them).  I liked the characters, particularly Thomas (what is it about strong, sexually confident and maybe even just a little bit dominant men?).  I will definitely be looking for the rest in the series.  I would recommend this book to anyone who’s ever done a little roleplaying in the bedroom or who’s looking for a sensual, sizzling hot read.  This book’s got you covered! 5 stars


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