Fury (OtherKin) by Anya Bast

This is an example of a story where the concept was really good, but the execution not so much.  The story starts off with Nikki (heroine) running away from two males and the impending responsibility of becoming alpha female to the Fury pack (town full of shifters, not just werewolves but were cats, too, of which she is one).  Now, when they catch her, the two males, Roane and Merrick, brothers, apparently just decide that Merrick should have her and the plot settles into a nice ‘lust at first sight’ kind of ‘let’s just screw’ sort of thing.  In and of itself, the start isn’t bad.  Merrick wants her for his mate and as such intends to take leadership of the Fury pack.  All of a sudden, halfway through the book, just when you think you’re getting to the end of the story, a second separate plot rears its head with the introduction of a rival-town pack and the kidnapping of Roane.

I would almost have rather this been two stories.  It certainly reads that way with the sudden shift between plot A and plot B being very jarring.  The story telling itself was a little rocky and the numerous sex scenes all start off fairly hot and steamy, but then fizzle off as if the author a.) didn’t know how to finish the scenes and so just wrapped it up, or b.) got bored with her own sex scenes and did whatever she had to to quickly wrap them up.  There were some pretty consistent formatting errors all the way through the story and it could use some editing.  Mostly, I wish the author would have slowed down in some places, gotten a little more comfortable writing the sex, and either separated out the plots into two short stories or mingled them a bit better. 3 Stars


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