The Demon’s Bargain by Lisa Alder

This was WONDERFUL!  I’ve read the series out of order, I think.  This is one of three books (not exactly a series, each book has a different demon hero and female counterpart) and I think it’s easily the best of the three.  Vetis the Demon of Corruption is bored.  But when a local gambler brings his cold, indifferent wife as a means of settling his debt, Vetis finds her to be a challenge he can’t refuse.  After two years of marriage and countless incidents of unspeakable abuse, Amara’s only protection against both her husband and the demon is to wrap herself in a shield of icy emotionlessness.  She knows better (even if her fool husband does not) than to bargain with demons, but the deal is struck, the die is cast, and the only thing standing between her and freedom is one night of pleasure in Vetis the Demon’s bed.  But not just any pleasure.  This time, the pleasure must be hers.  It’s a challenge that Vetis is determined to win, but what neither counted on was how many days it might take to get to that one night of pleasure…or that both just might lose their hearts in the process.

This is a keeper.  It’s fifteen short chapters, so roughly a novella, but well worth the price of the book.  Lisa Alder knows how to write a good seduction.  There were a handful of typos; not many, but the book could use another edit.  But that is a minor complaint when you come across a story as good as this one, a dark hero as masterfully written as this one is, and a heroine who went through such hell and still emerged on the other side, strong and beautifully undefeated.  I’ll definitely read it again, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat! 5 Stars


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