Dracula’s Harem by Adrianna White

The great monster-hunter Van Helsing wants one last successful hunt before old age retires him from the lifestyle.  So, he breaks into Dracula’s castle and starts cracking heads…right up until he’s caught by the harem girls.  Here’s a book that sounds silly and yet could have been great.  Campy, yeah.  Smutty, heck yeah.  But still great, and yet the premise of the book was confounded by an author who doesn’t understand the mechanics of how to write.  Please, Miss White, learn where and how to use quotes and apostrophes, who and whom, and singular and possessive nouns.  Your mechanics are AWFUL and your story-telling skills are rough…however, you do have them.  Go back to the drawing board, edit this story, invest in a professional editor and a few how-to-write books, and then try again.  Also, this is not erotica by any stretch of the imagination.  If anything, it’s YA horror.  I didn’t see anything in this book that couldn’t be read (or, heck, even written) by a twelve year old. 1 Star


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