Dark Awakening by Patti O’Shea

The premise was good, the writing mediocre, and the results not at all what I was hoping for. Patti O’Shea was all over the map with her heroine, Kimi. Kimi is a witch, but at first she doesn’t know she is, except that her family tells her that she is, and she works at an agency that is filled with magic-wielding women AND she’s called kijo, which is Japanese for witch…but she still doesn’t know. Fine, whatever. She maintains that she doesn’t know until she runs into this villainous demon, Augustin (which I just can’t take seriously, not only because of the name, but because he doesn’t do anything more sinister than sneer–well, so did Snidely Whiplash, and he made for a much better villain in my humble opinion), does she suddenly know how to make her magic work. At least enough to get away. She runs to an old wanna-be flame for help (God save me from heroes named Nicodemus–he’ll always be the wizardly old rat from the Rats of N.I.M.H. to me) who believes she’s his mate and wants her so badly that he spends 3 or so years having nothing to do with her (God save me from the must-have 200-page misunderstanding for no reason whatsoever, too) on the premise that in another 5 or 10 years she’ll be old enough (25 or 30) to safely have sex with him (which should also give him time to develop self-restraint, which in all the time he’s been screwing women, he’s never before realized has been an issue), but which in the meantime is going to make her think he dislikes her (God save me from the obligatory emotional does he or doesn’t he like me crap…no, you know what, God save me from this book! I want the two hours I spent reading it back!).

Take a good hard look at how I’ve written this review, because this is how the story reads. It is jumbled and confusing, to the characters every bit as much as the readers, and apparently to the author too. For example: When Kimi runs to Nic, she tells him she uses magic to get away from Augustin (Nope, still can’t take him seriously) and yet a short time later Nic is upset with Kimi because she didn’t tell him she has powers. Excuse me? If the author can’t keep her own storyline straight, how are we supposed to? I really expected better from a nationally bestselling author. 1 star


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