Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford

This is the first Lizzy Ford book that I have read, and I have to say I was pretty much sucked into the story from the first.  The basic plot premise is this: Katie thinks she’s going nuts.  On the way to work one morning, she gets a speeding ticket (37 in a 35, no taillight, and a cop bound and determined to add as many other charges as he can possibly get away with) and her day goes from bad to worse when a child latches onto her on the subway.   Now a baby immortal she’s never seen before is calling her mama, death’s assassin is lurking in her living room and members of the Council That Was Seven want her in Hell.  Literally.  And why not take the trip since, really, you meet all the best guys down there, as this book goes on to show.

I enjoyed this story.  It’s classified as a paranormal romance and it does take a while for the romance part to get started, but the plot is different and definitely held my attention.  My one complaint was that this was supposed to be the first in the series and yet there was so much backstory being given that it read more like book 2 or 3.  I had some problems with Katie’s character.  As a previous review claims, she does not act like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, but more of an addict considering that her first instinct is to go for the drugs and whiskey.  That was something of a turn off, but okay.  I can see the argument.  People do tend to do that.  Regardless of those two minor points, the story was very compelling.  I found myself continuing to turn pages when I ought to be doing other things (i.e. cooking supper…those pesky family members have no consideration for a good book, all they want to do is eat).  Definitely on the darker side of paranormal romance but well worth the read.


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