Inked by Everly Drummond

This is my second Everly Drummond book, and I have to say, while I do like this one better than her City of the Damned series, it didn’t hit my buttons.  The sex is better in this one, but a little mechanical in places, and she needed an editor.  There are a LOT of silly mistakes, wrong words, misspellings, etc…

The basic premise is this: Avery gets all hot and bothered by the tattoo artist who is putting a flower on her foot.  Brody (the tattoo artist) hasn’t had a woman in a while and Avery is really hitting all his horny buttons.  So, on the premise that he found her credit card in his shop after she left, he tracks down her home address (works in the story, despite the slightly stalker-ish vibe my rehash seems determined to give it) and gets invited in for a beer.  What follows is pretty good erotica, albeit, like I said, a little mechanical.  There is definitely worse stuff out there, but the author had promise with this one and I feel a little let down that she couldn’t bring that promise to fruition. 3 Stars


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