‘Til We Meet Again by Stacey Kennedy

This story is not erotica.  Rather, it is romance with some explicit parts.  Cassandra (heroine) is living in a customer’s Victorian house while it is being remodeled and redecorated.  While shopping for all that new decor, Cassandra buys a chaise lounge haunted by Ethan, old timey soldier fellow, i.e. hero.  The story was fairly well written, but I found the style kinda of hard to become engaged by.  My problem, not the author’s.  I am giving this three stars because of the improbability of the several parts of the plot line.  Just because a book is fiction, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make sense.  Just because you’re writing erotica, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put out a finished and polished product with a plot line that is entertaining and (especially for paranormal) suspends the reader’s disbelief.  Miss Kennedy, you failed in that regard.  Here were my problems:

*Possible spoiler alert*

A.) I find it difficult but not outside the realm of possibility that a civil war era soldier made it to his mid-twenties a virgin.  However, it’s darn near impossible to believe the reason for that was because women in his time wanted to wait for marriage.  There is a reason why prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession.  Houses of Ill-Repute were very much alive and well in civil war times, and it wasn’t because no one frequented them.  As a soldier, he would have encountered at least one in every town they marched near.  As a man, his father would have taken him to one when he came of age, around 15 or so.  If you want to make Ethan a virgin, fine.  But make his reason for it realistic.  This was where my suspension of disbelief was shaken.

B.) And here is where it hit the flippin’ floor and died.  His…ahem, manly attribute was too hard for sex?  Seriously?  That’s the reason you want to give us for why they don’t have sex right away?  There are other reasons to give a BJ!  This kind of a cop-out isn’t just annoying, it’s insulting to your readers.

I liked the beginning.  I thought it interesting that the ghost inhabited a chair instead of the house.  I liked how the author brought the ghost into this realm, and I loved how she ended it.  It was anything but cliche and proves the author did put some thought into her plot.  Apparently, it was all the rest the book that she couldn’t be bothered to give her time and imagination to.  I really don’t know if I’ll give another of her books a chance, but at this point I doubt it. 3 stars


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