Some Like It Rough – A Collection of Hot Sex Stories

Okay, first of all, this book needed an editor. The formatting was off in the third story, which made reading difficult. Second, I don’t want to read male on male erotica. That should have been in a book of like-kind stories or sold on its own. Now, the break-down:

The Deal – This is a short office revenge story. Definitely sits in well with the title of the book, well-written, I’ll probably read it again.

Vacation Whore – What was this story doing in the book? I kept waiting for it to do something deserving of the anthology title. Didn’t happen. Well-written, just didn’t belong in this book.

Surrender the Wolf – The author had no idea what she was doing with this story. It’s a werewolf tale (tail?) but superfluous to the plot, such as it is with these types of short stories. This is the one where the formatting is messed up. No indents to separate out the paragraphs.

Jungle Fever – The male on male. Not my cuppa.

Sudden Chemistry – Also not my cuppa. Girl slips guy a roofie, ties him to the bed, makes him call her mistress…um, no thank you. But now, reverse the roles and I might give it another read. Maybe minus the roofie.

So of all the short stories, The Deal is the only one I’d read again.  2 stars.


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