Larkspur by Anny Cook

I’ll admit, I had a real problem with the bestial feel in the first part of this book.  I don’t know why that is, it just felt very strange.  Beyond that, however, this is the first Naughty Nooners I’ve read that has a touch of humor to it.  As the author states in the beginning, ‘There’s nothing worse than a horny dragon in search of his mate.’  Fortunately for Rajah, he finds his in Larkspur, a young woman fleeing from pirates.  He swoops down, carries her off, and commences to mating.

I had a problem with the writing.  The author switches points of view at the dizzying drop of a hat and the dialogue is stilted.  I had a problem with Larkspur’s character, she is painfully juvenile/innocent/sheltered/sexually-naive-although-willing-to-learn and from the moment of her capture, she automatically knew she was going to be his mate and bounced all over the place being unhappy about it, even though she had always dreamed about having sex with a dragon.  Once the finer points of ‘this really is going to happen’ occurs, she jumps straight from dubious to ‘Let’s get it on, big boy!’

Admittedly, I might be the only one who reads these things and expects some kind of plot to be involved.  If you don’t and if you could honestly care less about the finer points of writing, dialogue or character POVs, then all that’s left is the sex–and quite frankly, that almost makes up for all the other problems combined.  Sexy, hot and very…dragonish!  The sex is the only reason I’m giving this 3 stars.


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