The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark

This book is not a romance.  It’s definitely not an erotic novel and it’s not horror.  Having read the thing cover-to-cover, I can now honestly say, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.  I do try not to give spoilers when I write reviews, however, there might be a few in this.  Callie McFay moves into a house near her new teaching job and begins to have her nights haunted by an incubus.  Now, for the duration of the book, Callie bounces from one would-be lover to another without any conscience or qualms.  There’s Paul, there’s the incubus, there’s a couple guys from the college–and there’s no steaminess to be had anywhere in any of those relationships.  The author makes the attempt, but like the plot, it falls flat.  Callie also has a book written by another author who was, apparently, haunted by the same incubus and this book seems to exist for no other reason than to add more flat ‘steaminess’ to the story.  Lastly, nearly every mythical creature known to man makes a cameo appearance at one point or another in this story, but if these are supposed to be subplots, they don’t go anywhere either.

The author had no idea what she was supposed to do with this story, and it shows.  She also has no idea how to write a sex scene.  Here’s a helpful hint: it should involve more than fingers and mouths.  I don’t believe there was one mention of the, er, gentlemen’s favorite aspect.  Not that lovely four-lettered ‘c’ word, not a somewhat clinical ‘p’ word.  Ladies, in this book you won’t even get a grossly comical ‘manly meat missile’.  There is just virtually no reference to it at all.  Either the sex scenes were written by a teenager or the author’s never had sex.  What scenes there are do offer some steam, but it’s the same steam for every scene.

My last gripe, there was no HEA at the end of this story, but by the time I got to that point, I was just ready for the whole thing to be done.  The characters offered no emotional involvement.  They offered no rationale for why the ‘villain’ should be killed/banished other than all night sex-bouts made Callie tired and there was some question about whether or not the incubus was harming students in the school.  As a plot point, that was never fleshed out.  I really, really don’t like leaving bad reviews, but this book actually annoyed me.  And that’s too bad, because the author does seem to know how to write (or she’s got one whale of a good editor).  She just doesn’t seem to understand how to write moving plots or how to emotionally involve a reader in the work.  I consider myself to be kind when I gave this 2 stars.


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