The Demon’s Seduction by Penny Alley

I must say, I was surprised by this little gem. Kael the Corruptor lost his temper in the midst of a mugging (his own), dropped his human facade and scared his would-be mugger half to death. Unfortunately, he was seen doing it and by none other than the neighbor whose apartment looks into his from across the street. Although not entirely unknown to him (she also waitresses at a bar he frequents), she’s not someone he’s paid much attention to…until now.

In Kael’s world, being seen is a bad thing. It’s how burning witch trials, the Inquisition, and Mothman got started, and it could damn well mean his immortal life if he doesn’t somehow fix the situation. It being no ‘sin’ to be seen (in the buff, so to speak) by a lover, that’s the course of action he sets his mind to, and what ensues ranks as one of the hottest little seduction stories I’ve yet read. Kael is very believable as a demon, Delilah played her part of reluctant submission wonderfully, and the twist at the end left me happy, although I do wish this had been longer. (Sequel, perhaps? I’d really like to see where Delilah and Kael go from here, or even Heson’s story.) The author has a witty way of writing. The unexpected humor kept me smiling and I actually laughed out loud in some places.

This is not a one-chapter story. It’s six and the ending, so I feel I got my money’s worth and more, considering I’ve paid this much and more for shorter books. The writing is really well done. I have been looking all morning for something else by this author. I haven’t found any yet, but if this is a debut novel I’ll eat my Kindle.  I give this 5 stars.


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