Claimed (The Circulate Series) by K.R. Smith

If you can’t play the guitar, don’t start a rock band until you can. If you can’t write, don’t publish an ebook until you learn how. I feel terrible about leaving this kind of review, but this is a prime example of someone who has some skill in storytelling but not the technical know-how. I honestly wonder if the author is 12, because that’s how he/she writes. There are formatting issues all throughout the book on darn near every page. Punctuation is still a mystery to this author. So are plot and human relations. The book reads as if it were thrown together in a week, but never revised or edited. The sex is technically accurate, but ‘technically accurate’ is the last way you want to have your sex scenes described. You should be going for HOT here! The only good thing I can say about this book is, thank God I didn’t pay money for it!

Based on the description, this story held a lot of promise, but that promise was just not realized in this edition. I seriously recommend the author take down this book, revise, edit and revise again, rinse and repeat as often as necessary until this story is so polished that it shines. As it stands right now, I wouldn’t line the birdcage with it. I’d rate it zero stars if I could.  Unfortunately, I had to make do with 1 star.


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