Kindred Spirits by Maren Smith

Wow, This has got to be my favorite story from author Maren Smith. I think it’s probably one of the Hottest stories I’ve read in some time! The basic premise: heroine Mindy Cavaet moves out to a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere to help her aging grandmother. While in a confrontation with some small town bullies, she has her first run in with hero Colton Waters, better known as The Snake Man for the busload of reptiles he keeps. He rescues her, offers her a ride home, and in the course of doing so, she happens to discover a couple spanking magazines in a stack of mail under one seat. Harboring a secret spanking fascination herself, Mindy steals the magazines and takes them home. What follows is four chapters worth of sheer sizzling spanking action as the two get to know one another much, much better.

I LOVED this story. It’s short, only about 21,000 words, but it’s priced accordingly and a great little read right before bed. Just don’t plan to go straight to sleep afterward…at least not with some help from your honey or B.O.B. 5 Stars


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