The Care and Feeding of Griffins by R. Lee Smith

This book really blew me away. I love erotica, and it’s incredibly rare to find one this well written and with a PLOT! It’s also huge. Like all of this author’s books, you really get your money’s worth.

The basic plot: Taryn MacTavish finds an unusual egg as a child and, doing what most children do, she brings it home and tries to hatch it. Years later, she’s in college when it finally happens and out pops a baby griffin. In the course of trying to figure out what to do with this tiny creature, she ends up following a strange lady with tiny little dragon’s in her hair to a totally different world. A world of centaurs, minotaurs and wizards. Here, she struggles to survive, to raise her baby griffin as best as any modern day city girl can, and to make friends with the local inhabitants on a world where humans aren’t the friendliest folk around.

I LOVED this book. The sex is HOT. The action is believable. The writing is stunningly good and this author has catapulted herself right to the top of my favorite author’s list. 5 Stars


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